WP Freighter v1.0 released

Hey this is Austin Ginder here and today I’m officially launching WP Freighter, a WordPress plugin which enables lightning fast ⚡ duplicate copies of your WordPress site. Thanks everyone for the interest and for following along. If you want to just skip right to it then you can purchase your copy of WP Freighter here wpfreighter.com/pricing.

This is my first time making a paid WordPress plugin, so I don’t really know what I’m doing 😅. My hope is that WP Freighter will allow many folks to easily run many WordPress sites from a single WordPress site. This not multisite but rather a multi-tenant architecture which allows many regular WordPress sites from a single install of WordPress.

Due to the nature of the type of plugin, I can’t guarantee that it will work with all web hosts. That said I do have some built in safety mechanisms for web hosts that disable changing wp-config.php. If WP Freighter can’t configure itself then it will show instructions for what needs to be changed by your web host. If you need any help or suggestions for future features, feel free to contact me via wpfreighter.com/support.

📺 Introducing WP Freighter