WP Freighter plugin for WordPress includes:

  • Painless activation. After purchasing simply download, install and activate on your WordPress site like any other WordPress plugin. No need to deal with license keys. That’s handled automatically for you in the background.
  • Only primary site requires license activation. Stacked sites do not count towards site usage.
  • Plugin updates and support for 1 year.

⚠️ Before purchasing WP Freighter you agree to the following:

  • WP Freighter is an advanced mode for WordPress. Recommended to be used by WordPress developers, maintenance providers or individual site owner with many small WordPress sites. ✅
  • WP Freighter may not be compatible with your web host. See here for known limitations. ✅
  • WP Freighter is not a deployment tool. It will not push/pull sites nor does it handle migrating existing sites over to a stacked site. That’s currently outside the scope of WP Freighter. However that can be accomplished though a manual process using WP-CLI and bash scripts. ✅
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