WP Freighter is Now Free For Everyone

Today marks the release of WP Freighter v1.1. With that, WP Freighter is now free for everyone. Existing customers will no longer be charged for future renewals and can freely upgrade to v1.1. Any future updates will be made available to everyone. And yes, I do plan on releasing new updates as needed. I personally use WP Freighter and plan to continue supporting it.

This something I’ve wanted to do for a long while. It just feels like the right time to do it. I have a strong belief in open source and would rather have just a few people sponsor future development rather then running WP Freighter as a product business. Combined with my strong dislike for license keys this just feels like the best way to move this project forward. Anchor Hosting is my business, my main thing. WP Freighter is a fun little side project.

If you wish to support WP Freighter then consider supporting my open source efforts on Github: https://github.com/sponsors/austinginder.

Happy new year!