Stackable is now WP Freighter

I’m renaming Stackable to WP Freighter. Just one day after launch, why am I changing names? Well… because the name is just too similar to, a very popular block plugin for WordPress. The founder of Stackable – Page Builder Gutenberg Blocks kindly reached out via Twitter.

I’m a web developer. To be honest I didn’t spend very much time coming up with the initial name or do anything special for branding. Seeing as this is very much a side project for me, I told Benjamin that I would pick a new name. And so… introducing, for the second time, WP Freighter.

WP Freighter better aligns with my Anchor Hosting branding.

WP Freighter as a product name feel like it’s part of the Anchor Hosting family, which includes my open source WordPress maintenance toolkit CaptainCore. For anyone who purchased within the first 24 hours, I’ll followup with instructions on how to replace the current plugin with the new one. My apologizes for lack of thought with branding.